I was born and raised in Oak Ridge.  My father was a nuclear physicist at "the plant," and my mother was a teacher.  I am the youngest child of four, with a brother and two sisters.  My brother lives in TX, and my sisters live in GA and AL.

Growing up in Oak Ridge was idyllic, and I received a great education in the Oak Ridge Public Schools.  I learned to play tennis in Oak Ridge, and I experienced tremendous freedom growing up.  We own a lake lot on Norris Lake, so I grew up fishing for bluegill and water-skiing there.

I was valedictorian of Oak Ridge High School, Class of 1984.  The education that I received growing up in Tennessee served me well at Harvard College.

At Harvard, I studied history, and I cleaned another college dormitory every day for four years, to help pay for school.  The people at Harvard were great, and I made lifelong friends there.

I returned home for law school at UT.  I loved UT, and I will be a Vol forever. After law school, I worked for a federal judge in Kentucky for a year, and then moved to Nashville to practice law.

In Nashville, I met and married my wife of 25 years, MaryEllen Sullivan, who was originally from New York.  We were married in her church, Christ the King Catholic Church, in Nashville.  She's a New Yorker, through and through, but she does say "y'all" more than me.  Shortly after we got married, we moved to New York, where I worked for a large law firm.  After a year, and the birth of our first child, we moved back home to Tennessee so that we could raise our family here.

We have three daughters, Kathryn, Shannon, and Sara.  They attended three different high schools in Nashville, and they are amazing young women.

I have had a wonderful, 28-year career as an attorney, mainly in federal court.  

In 2016, I co-founded a medical-device startup, Virtuoso Surgical, Inc.  We are developing a patented surgical tool that will revolutionize endoscopic (miniaturized) surgery.

I still enjoy playing tennis regularly, particularly with one of my oldest friends.  We have played together weekly for 28 years.

I love hunting doves in September, and I like hunting ducks in the winter.  I also love to fish.  The tailwaters of Norris Dam and the streams of the Smokies are my favorite spots.

I am a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan.  My father was a Jackie Robinson fan, and he infected me with the Dodger bug.

I am an ordained Baptist deacon, and I teach Sunday School to youth. I am a member of First Baptist Church, Nashville.