March 25, 2020.

Today, I am announcing my intention to seek the Democratic nomination for Tennessee's open United States Senate seat.  I believe that we must build a better foundation for our economy than the one we've got.  We have had six financial crises in the last 23 years, each one worse than the last.  Our income inequality is the worst in our history.  Peoples' pensions and retirement plans are in jeopardy.  And, most importantly, our children and grandchildren desire a better economic future than the one we're giving them.

The coronavirus is bad, and the loss of life is tragic.  But the virus has unmasked the very shaky foundations of our economy.  We need to rebuild.  I would like to help us rebuild.

It is time to choose Main Street over Wall Street.

My campaign website is

Over the next few weeks and months, I will expand my campaign. For now, if you are willing to help, or you would like details about my economic platform and proposed legislation, please visit my campaign website.

My Twitter feed is @MarkPickrell3.  I have no idea who MarkPickrell1 or MarkPickrell2 are.  The only one that's me is MarkPickrell3.